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artisan printing

I have been interested in photography and printing for a long time, ultimately reaching the point of getting enough experience and also acquiring all the equipment to make professional quality prints - which is when I decided to offer both the experience and the ability to produce fine art prints also to others.

As a photographer I understand relation between the passions of photography and print making. Both are very personal and intimate disciplines as both are essentially about emotions - whether we mean to capture the emotions or ultimately to carry them over using a print.

This is where I believe there is a place for personal, bespoke, small-scale, yet professional, fine art printing service. Compared to the usual photo labs my aim is to actually meet people and provide personal printing experience.

However this is also an experiment for me. Printing on a small scale is simply not profitable - my motivation is rather getting to know people, understand what is behind their passion and create a space where we can all grow together. I am curious about what future might bring, ultimately seeing whether print making (as photohraphy in general) can be one of the possible directions for me. I have vision of dedicating more time to photography, running workshops in remote locations and for me print making fills in the whole picture.


Print quality is generally determined by printer, ink and paper.

Prints are printed on last generation of Epson inkjet printers of SureColor range. These provide true resolution of 1440 - 5760 dpi which in practical terms means the print detail resembles detail on images viewed on high-resolution screens (like iPad retina screens).

Inks used in SureColor printers are latest generation inks of archival quality. Ultra Chrome HD inks provide great color gamut however it's the 4 kinds of black which assure neutral black & white prints with deep blacks.

Paper is half of the print and is in no way less important than ink. For my prints I use only papers of the highest possible quality - selection of Hahnemuhle papers and some of the original Epson papers. All of these papers assure archival quality and offer color stability between 50 and 150 years (depending on storage and use of glass).


Price of the print is largely determined by paper, however cost of high quality paper is similar regardless of its type or brand.

Prices in the following table are indicative and can vary for particular media however are calculated for the more expensive papers. (price is final, meaning it includes both paper and ink, as well as any amount of coffee consumed on the ocassion of print making:)

A5 80 czk
A4 150 czk
A3 300 czk
A3+ 350 czk
4 * 21.3 x 14.2 on A3+ 320 czk

print making

I make prints at home, usually after hours or over the weekends. If you have important prints to make I will try to be flexible and arrange for ad-hoc printing. You can participate or make print on your own, under my supervision.

I view images on Eizo monitor which provides me with accurate feel of how the print will look like on paper. I edit photos in Lightroom where I proof prints using paper icc profiles and have the option to choose right rendering intent for given image.