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My passion is intimate and personal photography which, for me, is about those seemingly ordinary yet key and rare moments.
The moments which might be secluded on their own but are becoming alive to form a story when they are put together.

I offer visual story telling as a service for any kind of event or project including family and individual photography.

Your moments and stories will be captured either by a digital camera or by classic Polaroid cameras - depending on whether you prefer universality of digital photos or uniqueness of instant originals, whether you wish for printed book or polaroid album.

I provide end to end photography service. What I understand under the term is understanding your requirements, wishes and needs, discussing possible approaches, performing the actual photography and finally delivering the end product - which could be just digital photos or the actual prints.


For digital work I use Fujifilm X cameras and Fujinon lenses exclusively.

For film work I use Rolleiflex 2.8 LTR middle format camera for black and white film photography.

For instant photography I use Polaroid 250 Land Camera and Polaroid 680 SLR Camera and shoot all available instant film.


Given nature of my service the price is always individual. Please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact details above.


Are photos in your gallery for sale? Yes, most of them are available for sale. I do not have anonymous shopping cart on my pages since I am not up for anonymous sale. I would like to discuss which photos you are intersted in, how would you like them to be printed, how large, on what kind of paper, for which kind of environment, what kind of ambient lighting they would be under and so on. I like to make personal sale so please don't hesiate to contact me to enquire about particular photos.

So how much are they for? Please enquire about particular photos, the price varies per image and depends on the size and quality of the print! In general, the cost varies from 30~50 EUR for A4 to 50~200 EUR for A3+ print. Smaller prints are also available for 10-20 EUR per piece (2 prints minimum). Stated prices are excluding 21% VAT which will be added on the invoice. I am registered VAT payer CZ7905130288.

What is the print quality? As I am generally not satisfied with commercial printing services I make prints myself. I print professional-grade ink-jet prints using best available cotton papers in archival quality.

Do you sell digital copies? No, unfortunatelly I don't. I only sell prints. Exceptions are rare and expensive ;)

I see you have lots of B&W photos but I would like color one, is it possible? It's generally possible however requires extra work and works (is possible) only for some photos.

I selected few prints, how large can the print be? That depends on particular photos, majority of the photos in the gallery are between 16 and 21 megapixels allowing for A3 to A2 prints.